Whether you’re looking for something interesting or just minding your own business and going about your day, you see odd things from time to time in California. Here are some of the stranger stories to come out of this amazing state in recent weeks.

A jack-o-lantern sets a world record.

At only 2,077 pounds, this pumpkin wasn’t large enough to take first place at a pumpkin weigh-off at the Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival. It earned second place, and the story could have ended there – but it didn’t. UPI reports that the grower was asked if his second-place pumpkin could be carved, and the result earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest jack-o-lantern.

Space junk litters Southern California farm.

You’d be rightfully angry if someone dumped their trash on your property – but what if the trash in question came from space? WFMZ reports that this is exactly what happened on a farm south of Fresno. The space junk appears to be from a satellite and not the recent Space-X launch.

Police use Doritos to nab runaway pig.

A runaway pig elicited a call to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. According to KEYT, it was reported as being the size of a mini horse. Instead of trying to tackle the large swine, deputies successfully lured it to its home with a trail of Doritos.

A sea lion causes a traffic jam.

Traffic jams are far from unusual in California, but ones caused by sea lions resting in the middle of the road are pretty atypical. According to WPTV, the sea lion was blocking an intersection in Point Loma, so a SeaWorld crew arrived to remove the marine animal and to make sure it was healthy. The sea lion appeared to be uninjured, and the plan is to release it back to the ocean.

Thieves steal 800-pound hammer.

Theft is always wrong, but it’s not always this bizarre. According to OANow, someone stole a giant sculpture of a hammer from its display at the Healdsburg Community Center in Northern California. Stealing such a large work of art couldn’t have been easy. The artist is offering a $1,000.

Two dinosaurs stalk the interstate.

The Cabazon Dinosaurs, which include a 150-foot-long sculpture of an Apatosaurus and a 65-foot-long sculpture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, made the Travel’s list of U.S. roadside attractions people should see. You can see in for yourself on Interstate 10 in Southern California. Check out the complete list for all attractions you’ll want to see – and some you should avoid.

Foul-smelling bubbling mud puddle creeps across California.

The mud is called the Niland Geyser. According to Science Alert, it’s been around since 1953, but it started moving 11 years ago. In the last six months, its movement has accelerated, and attempts to stop it have failed. Things could get problematic when it hits the highway or train tracks it’s approaching.

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