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Life insurance is one of the most crucial financial products we purchase, protecting our families and loved ones in the event of the unthinkable. Yet, the variety of policy types within life insurance can be overwhelming. One that stands out for its adaptability is the adjustable life policy. If you’re curious about this versatile life insurance product, learn all about adjustable life policies and how they can align with your unique financial needs.

What Is an Adjustable Life Policy?

An adjustable life policy, or flexible premium adjustable life insurance, is a type of permanent life insurance. It allows policyholders to modify features and benefits as their financial needs change. This adaptability distinguishes it from traditional whole-life insurance. Typically, adjustable life policies provide a guaranteed death benefit, a cash value account that grows tax-deferred, and the flexibility to modify premiums and coverage amounts.

How Does an Adjustable Life Policy Work?

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Adjustable life insurance combines the premium payment and death benefit features of term life insurance with a savings and investment component, much like whole life insurance. Here’s a closer look at the mechanics of an adjustable life policy:

Premium Payments and Cash Value Account

Like whole life insurance, adjustable life policyholders pay a set premium at regular intervals, usually monthly or annually. These premiums are deposited into a cash value account that accumulates interest and grows tax-deferred. The policyholder can also make additional contributions to this account.

Death Benefit and Policy Modifications

An adjustable life policy provides a guaranteed death benefit based on the policyholder’s age, health, and coverage needs. Additionally, these policies offer flexibility in adjusting the death benefit amount over time to meet changing needs. This can be done by increasing or decreasing the coverage amount, depending on the policy’s terms and conditions.

Investment Options

Adjustable life policies also provide investment options for the cash value account, allowing policyholders to allocate their premiums towards various investment vehicles. Depending on the insurance company’s offerings, these may include mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and more.

What Can You Modify in an Adjustable Life Policy?

One of the core benefits of adjustable life insurance is the range of policy elements you can manipulate. Here’s a breakdown of what’s adjustable:

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Death Benefit Adjustments

Changing Needs

 Purchasing life insurance can financially protect those who depend on your income. An adjustable life policy recognizes that your life, and therefore your insurance needs, are not static. If you have more children, buy a larger house, or experience significant financial changes, you can increase your death benefit without purchasing a new policy.

Decreasing the Benefit

On the flip side, if there’s a significant reduction in your financial commitments or dependents, you may need less coverage. With an adjustable life policy, you can decrease your death benefit, which might reduce your premium payments.

Altering Premium Payments

Temporary Changes

Some adjustable life policies allow temporary adjustments to premium payments due to financial hardship or a significant one-time expense. This gives policyholders a level of control that isn’t typically found in other permanent life insurance products.

Premium Holidays

In specific situations, policyholders may take a “premium holiday,” which means they can skip a premium payment without defaulting on the policy. However, it’s crucial to understand the implications of this on the policy and its cash value.

Investment Choices

Portfolio Management

Another distinctive feature of adjustable life policies is the investment component. While policyholders usually don’t direct the investments directly, they often have options for more aggressive or conservative portfolios within the insurance company’s offerings.

Rebalancing Opportunities

Over time, your financial goals and risk tolerance may change, requiring a different investment strategy. Policies with investment flexibility may allow you to adjust your portfolio to better align with your updated preferences.

Loan and Withdrawal Options

Policy Loans

If you need cash, the accumulated cash value in your adjustable life policy can be used as a policy loan. The loan amount and interest rate are specified in the policy, and they can be useful sources of funds. However, it’s essential to consider the potential impact on your loved one’s death benefit.


Withdrawals from the cash value account can be tax-free income sources or supplemental funds for planned expenses. However, they can also reduce your cash value and death benefit, so making these decisions judiciously is vital.

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At Pronto Insurance, we understand the complexity of life and the changing needs that come with it. Our adjustable life insurance policy gives you the flexibility and control to adapt to life’s unpredictable nature while protecting your loved ones. Whether you adjust your coverage to meet new financial responsibilities or take advantage of the policy’s investment opportunities, Pronto Insurance guides you through every step. Our commitment to providing personalized, adaptable solutions is unwavering because, at Pronto Insurance, we believe in securing your future your way. Get in touch with our experts.

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