How to Get Affordable RV Insurance in California


How to Get Affordable RV Insurance in California

If you’re trying to avoid air travel right now, you’re not alone. Between all of the people in the airport, going through security, and then sitting in an airplane for several hours, there are just too many germs to take the risk. It’s not all bad news, though. Many people are returning to a love for the road!

You and your family are planning a road trip. How exciting! There’s prep work that must be done before you leave that extends beyond filling your fridge with your favorite soda. Before ever leaving your driveway or storage place, reach out to a California RV insurance agency and ensure your ride is covered. After all, a RV is like driving a little apartment on wheels. The chances of hitting into something are larger than in a car, because the vehicle itself is larger! It’s very expensive to replace an RV on your own, probably downright impossible.

Maybe you just bought your first RV. Maybe you’ve had one for a while and it may be that your current company isn’t giving you the best rates possible. Possibly, your RV has been sitting on your property for some time without being driven and so your insurance lapsed. Whatever the reason, if you own an RV it’s time you look into getting affordable RV insurance in California. If you’re ever in a crash, you’ll be thankful you did.

You don’t just want insurance; you want insurance you can afford. Pronto Insurance offers that! RV insurance really isn’t too different from regular car insurance. Many factors go into how much your insurance premium might go up after a crash, including how many other accidents you have had, the cause of your accident, the severity of the damage, your vehicle’s make and model, whether you were intoxicated, and where you live. For an at-fault accident involving bodily injury, your rates could increase by as much as 92% in California! Thankfully, not very many people see this spike. On average, you will probably be raised somewhere in the 20% to 40% range for an accident you cause. If you’re not happy with your renewal rate after an accident, move on to a new RV insurance company.

To begin, reach out to us online for a free quote. We’ll go over a few simple questions with you. How much is your RV worth? Where do you park it? Once we’re finished, we’ll provide you with a rate quote you’ll be pleased to see. Even if you’d had an accident in the past, our rates won’t be out of your budget.

Don’t leave home before properly preparing for your road trip! Contact a Pronto Insurance, a RV insurance agency in California, before you hit the open road. It doesn’t matter if this RV is brand new, you are unhappy with your current company, or you’ve been in a crash and someone else raised your rates- we’ll give you a quote with a price you’re happy to see!

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