Why Are Your Brake Lights and Turn Signals Not Working?


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Two truths: your brake lights are extremely important, and there is a chance you can get pulled over if they fail to work correctly. Don’t worry, though. It may be a relatively simple fix if you have a faulty brake or turn signal light!

At Pronto Insurance, we care about the maintenance of your vehicle to prevent bigger issues down the road. Learn about the most common problem causing a brake and turn signal fixture.

Is the Brake Light and Turn Signal the Same Light?

If you are wondering if the brake and turn signals are the same, the answer is that it depends on the vehicle. They are independent light sources on self-propelled vehicles, except for older vehicles.

The turn signal is a flashing light on a vehicle to indicate that it is about to change lanes or turn, whereas the brake light is a red light at the rear of a vehicle that automatically illuminates when the brakes are engaged.

Can Turn Signals Affect Brake Lights?

turn signals and brake lights

Yes. The filament of the brake lights and turn signals are shared. The flasher relay is connected to the big filament on the side you are indicating to turn, which is disconnected by the turn signal switch. Both or one of the brake lights may not work if the turn signal switch malfunctions. 

Vehicles having rear amber turn signals are exempt from this. The brake light switch is separate from them.

Reasons Why Brake Lights and Turn Signals Are Not Working

Safety is of the utmost importance when driving. Making sure your car’s brake and turn signals are in good operating order is one of the ways you can contribute to ensuring road safety.

When you apply the brakes, your brake lights illuminate to alert drivers following you to slow down. But you know there are some circumstances where they can start failing, and one of them could be a collision.

Here are some other reasons why your brake lights and turn signals are not working:

The Bulb

Much like that lightbulb in the kitchen that gives out, a burnt-out bulb could be the cause of your issues. Much like the kitchen light, your car’s bulb is easy to switch out. Simply find the correct bulb at your local auto parts store, disconnect the positive lead from the battery, find a way into your car’s bulb (it varies with every vehicle), and switch it out!

The Fuse

Chances are, if your brake and turn signals have all gone down, your fuse is as good as gone. You can find your car’s fuses in the fuse box, often underneath the hook or on the kick panel inside the passenger compartment. Your car manual should tell you which fuse is for your brake circuit.

Once you’ve found it and determined its resistance (with assistance from your local auto shop), you can replace it.

The Switch

Your vehicle has a switch that gets triggered whenever you press the brake pedal to signal your brake lights. With wear and time, this switch will eventually give out. While the replacement process is simple, we recommend you visit a mechanic. This is due to the switch’s proximity to the brake pedal and the likelihood of disturbing the pedal’s travel upon installing the new switch.

When you try to turn on the turn signals, the turn signal switch sends the signal and current to the turn signals. The turn signal lever and the turn signal light cannot communicate if the switch is damaged or malfunctions.

Keeping these tips in mind can save a bit of money when it’s time to get your brake lights in working order. Not to mention, knowing what could be causing your lights to malfunction is a good way to keep your mind at ease.

How an Insurance Company Can Help Out

car insurance coverage

You might be able to file an insurance claim for your car’s damages to the headlights, brake lights, or turn signal lights. It depends on the sort of policy you have and how the harm occurred.

If the damage resulted from an occurrence that is covered by insurance, such as an accident, vandalism, or hail damage, then headlamp repairs and replacements are covered. However, routine maintenance and wear and tear are not covered by insurance. You could not file a claim with your auto insurance if your brake lights burned out.

Protect Your Vehicle From Possible Accidents

Safety is the top priority when driving. Making sure your car’s brake and turn signals are functional is one of the things that can help assure road safety. While the operation of these lights may differ, brake and turn signals need to be replaced as they burn out with time to ensure traffic safety.

Pronto Insurance offers different car insurance options to keep you safe. You can select one of our coverage packages with terms of 1, 2, 3, or 12 months. Liability, property damage, SR22, roadside assistance, and many other coverages are included in our package. Get in touch with our team today!

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