Cute, awe-inspiring and downright bizarre, here’s a collection of the stranger stories being reported around California in recent months. 

  • Two cats rent a Silicon Valley apartment. OK, technically a human is renting the apartment for the cats. According to Mercury News, a man decided to rent the studio, which costs $1,500 per month, for his daughter’s cats, which he couldn’t keep in his new apartment. The landlord is happy to have such quiet tenants. There are probably a lot of people who would love to have a benefactor like that. 
  • Horse freed from dumpster. According to NBC4 Los Angeles, the horse in question was not thrown out with the trash. It ended up in the dumpster by accident after it was being led to a lower area, got loose, and stepped on the lid. Firefighters were able to lift it out, and it appears to be fine. 
  • Man surfs with dolphins. People will pay good money for an up-close dolphin encounter, but one California firefighter got it for free. According to UPI, he was surfing when the dolphins began swimming along side him, and the experience was caught on video by a nearby drone. 
  • Burro has trouble with construction cone. 12News reports that the burro, part of a herd that lives in the Reche Canyon area of Riverside, was spotted with an orange construction cone stuck to one of its feet. The burro seemed fine after an Animal Services officer was able to remove the cone. 
  • Fireball lights up skies. If you saw strange lights in the sky over the Bay Area in mid-December, don’t worry: you weren’t imaging it, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes, and we’re not being invaded by aliens. According to USA Today, experts say the light was a bright meteor. 
  • Suspect’s foot gets caught in steering wheel. Drinking and driving is no laughing matter – even when it results in a picture of a DUI suspect hanging out of his truck window with his foot stuck in the steering wheel. According to KRON4, CHP Los Angeles posted the picture of the man, who was described as “extremely intoxicated” and had been involved in a hit-and-run crash earlier that night.
  • Man spends three hours licking doorbell. And there’s video of it. According to WJBF News Channel 6, homeowners in Salinas had installed a motion-activated security camera, which was triggered one night when a man walked onto their property and proceeded to spend three hours licking the doorbell. The homeowners say they wiped off their doorbell. Crazy times require great auto insurance. Need some? Pronto Insurance can help. Get a quote here.

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