Does Your Insurance Company Truly Have Your Back?


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Imagine you get into a minor accident on the way to work. You may be panicking a little, wondering if your car will be fixed soon, and hoping you can get a rental vehicle if that’s the case. Your anxiety is through the roof, but getting in touch with your insurance company will calm your nerves immediately. But what if they don’t answer? 

That’s not something any driver should experience. It’s an example of a car insurance company not having your back. If you need to check if your insurance company is trying to dodge its responsibility, here are a few potential red flags.

Be On the Lookout

Is your insurance company taking care of you the way you’d expect? It’s a tricky question to face but one in your best interest to answer promptly. As you consider your relationship with your insurance company, keep in mind these red flags:

  • Quotes can take up to a week to receive
  • They provide endless excuses any time you bring up their shortcomings.
  • Your company is hard to get in contact with, whether via phone or email
  • They increased their prices on a policy shortly after you accepted lower rates
  • They treat you as if you’re just another number and fail to give you the personal touch you deserve as a client

Do What’s Right for You

Accidents, no matter how minor or severe, are serious events. At the very least, they’ll fill your day with anxiety and cause inconveniences that could affect your future. In times like these, you need someone to be there and handle your accident so you can focus on the things that matter most. 

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