Eyes on the Road: Highlighting the Dangers of Distracted Driving


Smartphones are the perfect distraction for when boredom sets in. You can play a game, watch a video, or interact with friends on social media. But the one time a smartphone should never be used is while driving. At least nine Americans die in distracted driving accidents each year, and 100 more suffer injuries. We want to take the time to share why avoiding such dangerous and irresponsible actions is so important for you and your loved ones.

What We’re Dealing With

If you’re behind the wheel and chatting with your passenger, texting, eating a snack, sipping on a drink, or even just tuning your radio, you’re driving while distracted. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines distracted driving as any action that pulls the driver’s focus away from the road. A simple text can keep your eyes off the road for five seconds! That’s plenty of time for any seasoned driver to lose control of their vehicle and cause a serious accident.

When it All Goes Wrong

Across the nation, 47 states have criminalized texting and driving. If a driver breaks these laws for the first time, they’re looking at a fine of up to $99. Break the law more than once, and you’re sure to be fined up to $200!

Do Your Part

Take preemptive steps to avoid any danger to yourself and others on the road. If you get a call or text while driving, pull into a parking lot to answer or simply ignore it until you get home or your destination. It’s not worth placing other’s lives in danger when you’re behind the wheel.

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