Does my Homeowners Insurance Cover me if I Work from Home?


One of the biggest changes over the last year and a half is the massive rise in the number of people who work from home. We’ve now realized that not only can most people do their job from home, but they really want to. If this describes your new situation, it’s worth asking a few questions beyond just “Can I wear my pajamas all day long now?”

One of the most important things to find out is whether or not your Texas homeowners insurance covers you if you work from home. The short answer is “maybe,” so let’s go into more detail right now for you to find out more about your specific situation.

#1 You’re a remote employee of a business

If you work from home for a company, your employer’s insurance covers you even when you’re at home. Most companies that have remote employees have policies in place for things like business equipment damage, workers’ compensation if you are injured in your home while doing company work, and more. We encourage you to check with your employer if you have questions.

#2 You have clients or customers visit your home

What if it isn’t you that is injured while you work from home, but someone else? Let’s say you’re running an interior design business from your home office. If a client or customer were injured in your home or on your property while visiting you on a work-related matter, your homeowners’ liability insurance might not cover the accident. You would need a business policy to cover this situation.

#3 You have equipment in your home

For a third example, let’s say you’re working from home with your own equipment, like a computer and printer. In this situation, there is a possibility that you may not be covered if you have a claim. Let’s say your computer is damaged in a fire: is it a business equipment loss or a homeowners policy issue? This is an example of a situation that you should discuss with your insurance agent beforehand.

While some homeowners’ policies cover some business equipment, there are generally restrictions limited by value or by use. You may need separate business insurance. You will want to find out before an accident happens, not after your claim is denied. 

#4 You make strategic recommendations to clients

If you are guiding stocks, business strategies, or something of the sort, it is recommended that you purchase business liability insurance in case one of your recommendations results in a loss of reputation or money for your client.

Have you checked your home insurance rates lately? If you still worry you don’t have the coverage in place you need to be fully protected, it is time you get a free Texas home insurance quote from Pronto Insurance. The coverage you need will be quite affordable!

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