How Will My Sports Car be Insured?


How Will My Sports Car be Insured?

So, you’ve waited long enough, saved up, and now it’s time to say yes to that beautiful sports car you’ve always wanted. You’ll get sleek looks, shiny wheels, and raw power. Will you also get a high insurance rate? It’s likely, but that’s because the methods for insuring a sports car are quite different from other vehicles. Here’s why!

Defining a Sports Car

Insurance companies see sports cars a bit differently than your Average Joe does. They look at cylinders, horsepower, make, model, weight, and height. Of course, this can vary depending on your insurer, but these factors can determine how your vehicle is insured.

Other Factors

When it comes to actually insuring a vehicle, an insurance company will likely take several things into consideration:

• A driver’s age
• Car safety rating
• Car value

Also important are the facts that sports cars are more likely to be driven faster and are at a higher risk of theft. In some cases, insurance companies consider sports car drivers to be more reckless and intrepid than others. This means a higher chance of damaging the vehicle, other vehicles, and property. With this increased risk also comes an increase in injuries, medical bills, and other unfortunate events.

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