What You Need to Know Before Getting a Florida Car Insurance Quote


Insurance companies use your driving past as an indicator of how you will drive in the future. Once they begin to pay out after accidents or they see you’re getting tickets, your rates increase. It can be difficult to find affordable car insurance if you have a less-than-great driving history. While it may be hard, it’s not impossible. If you feel your current car insurance is too expensive, it is time to begin shopping around for a new policy.

It is of the utmost importance to be careful when comparing car insurance rates that you’re actually comparing the same thing. In order to make sure you’re truly comparing different auto insurance quotes correctly, you must make sure each company has all of the necessary information. Florida car insurance companies decide their rates by looking at:


Driving record

Credit score



You’ll need to give your birthday, as the age of the driver has a big effect on rates. Having a limited or poor credit score can raise your rates dramatically. Fair or not, this matters because insurance companies worry that you will not be a good driver or pay your monthly premiums on time. As well, you’ll need to give some information about your car, like the vehicle identification number (VIN) and whether you own, finance, or lease it. You may also be asked if your car has certain safety features like an anti-theft system. What is your annual mileage? What is the car used for, pleasure or work? What is the current mileage on the odometer? Your driving history matters too. This includes any tickets, accidents or other violations for up to five years, depending on the company you’re applying to, for all drivers on the policy. Another big factor is where you live. If you’re parking the vehicle in a high-crime neighborhood, there’s a higher chance they’ll need to cover your vehicle after it is stolen.

What happens if you accidentally make a mistake or intentionally lie in this information? Your quote won’t be accurate! If you fudge the details, your insurance quote won’t be the same amount you end up paying because the insurer will find out the truth. Plus, there’s no reason not to be honest when you’re getting an online car insurance quote through Pronto Insurance. We have affordable coverage for all Florida drivers, even if you haven’t been perfect in the past. We make it easy to get great coverage, which means it is affordable and helps you in the event of a future accident or mistake.

Before getting your Florida car insurance quote, gather all of your needed information. Then, make sure you’re comparing similar quotes that offer the same coverage and deductible. Soon, you’ll be covered with insurance that you can happily afford!

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