Does Car Insurance Cover Bodily Injury and Property Damage?


Car insurance is complicated! If you aren’t totally sure what is in yours and what you’re paying for each month, you are definitely not alone. Yet, now is the time to have your questions answered and come to a better understanding of what is in your Florida car insurance policy, what coverage you have, and what your policy doesn’t help you with. If you wait until after an accident or claim of some kind to learn the answers, you may just find you don’t like what you discover. 

Essentially, your policy is a combination of many different pieces all designed to protect you are out on the road. When you’re driving on I-4, you know how important this protection is! While some of these coverages are optional, others are required by the state of Florida. Coverage that is mandated by law includes bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. These coverages protect you if you’re in an at-fault accident, and they’ll help cover costs for injuries and damages you caused to other people or their property. Let’s take a look at what these terms mean as well as the specific way Orlando, FL car insurance works:

Bodily injury liability insurance– This coverage is financial protection for everyone on the road, because everyone has to have it. If you’re at fault in an accident, bodily injury liability coverage (BI) will help cover the costs associated with medical expenses for injuries you caused to other drivers and their passengers. Let’s say you rear end someone at a stop light and they need medical treatment for whiplash. Your car insurance policy covers this payment for them.

Property damage liability insurance– This coverage financially protects things, not people. If you’re at fault in an accident, property damage liability (PD) insurance helps to cover costs for someone else’s property. This often includes the other driver’s vehicle expenses, but if you damage someone’s property, such as a mailbox or fence, this is included as well.

Bodily liability insurance helps pay for the other persons:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Legal fees
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral costs

Remember, bodily injury liability coverage doesn’t pay for your medical expenses or lost income if you caused the accident. This is only protection for the driver not at fault.

Property damage liability insurance on the other hand covers:

  • Damages to vehicles
  • Damages to property

Property damage liability insurance doesn’t pay for damages to your car. If you want this kind of protection, you need to elect for comprehensive and collision insurance. These are optional coverages  in Florida, yet are recommended because they keep you safe from an unexpected major expense.

Combined, these two pieces are the core of your Florida insurance policy. It is required that you have at least a minimum amount of these coverages. If you cause an accident that injures another person and/or damages their property, bodily injury and property damage liability insurance are designed to protect you from paying a substantial amount of money out of pocket to cover the related costs. As well, it protects the person who was injured through no fault of their own from having to pay out of pocket because the person who caused the accident can’t cover the costs. 

You may now see you don’t have the type of coverage you want or need. Reach out to Pronto Insurance and ensure you’re fully covered from anything and everything!

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