Did the Windhaven Insurance Company Abandon You?


They’re the words no one wants to hear from an insurance agent, “We can no longer provide coverage for your vehicle.” At least if you have insurance through Windhaven Insurance Company, these words are not a result of you doing something wrong or not paying your bill. This company has now closed its doors and gone into liquidation, meaning many Texas drivers need to find a new company for their coverage. Look no further than Pronto Insurance!

The first thing you need to do is a little shopping! No, not the exciting type of shopping where you come home with new shoes. You need to reach out and get a quote for Texas car insurance coverage. You need to do this right away, as soon as you find out about Windhaven Insurance Company closing. While the company closing and your policy being closed is not your fault, it is still illegal to drive without auto insurance. That means you need to have a new policy in place on day one when your coverage through them is gone. If you get pulled over or in an accident, the police don’t want to hear that you did have insurance… but not anymore. You’ll be in big trouble if this happens.

Keep in mind that this is considered a “nonrenewal” and not “canceled car insurance,” and there’s a big difference. A nonrenewal is not your fault and there is no stigma attached when shopping for new coverage. Cancellation is the result of your poor driving record or your failure to pay for your policy, and this will result in higher policy payments next time around. Thankfully, that is not the case here!

Once you contact Pronto Insurance, you’ll be pleased to see just how affordable your new car insurance policy will be. Beyond just great, low prices, we also offer many different types of plans so you are only paying for exactly what you need and nothing else. Pronto Insurance allows you to customize your car insurance with flexible options to fit your budget and needs. Do you need a multi-car discount to include your teen on your policy? Do you want full coverage? Perhaps you’d rather save some money upfront and only opt for liability insurance. We can do it all! It’s more than just our great options that make us the right choice. Pronto Insurance is well-respected and trusted because we put our customers first. We offer a mobile app you can download to your phone that makes paying your monthly payment, contacting an agent, filing a claim or editing existing claims, and making changes to your policy incredibly easy. In fact, you’ll wonder why you waited for Windhaven to close before switching over!

Once you have a new auto insurance policy in place, you’ll want to do a few other things in order to ensure a smooth transition. For one, make sure either you have coverage through when you have paid or Windhaven Insurance Company refunds you any additional premium. You could also want to set up automatic payments for your new policy, so you never risk missing a payment.

Few people enjoy getting a breakup letter! Don’t let the nonrenewal of your car insurance policy through Windhaven Insurance Company make your life more complicated than it has to be. Driving uninsured in Texas, for even a single day, is not a viable option. Reach out to Pronto Insurance today to stay insured and stay on the road.

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