Is Your Teen Ready to Drive? Here’s What You Should Know About Young Driver Insurance Rates


Getting behind the wheel for the first time is exciting and an essential step toward young adulthood as a teenager. However, things can be a little more nerve-wracking for parents. If your teenager is ready for a license, you’re probably wondering what this means for your insurance rates. Yes, insuring a young driver is generally more expensive. Here’s why:
CDC Statistics are Considered
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state teenagers aged 16 through 19 are at a higher risk of car crashes than any other age group. Ultimately, they lack the experience and maturity that other drivers possess. This statistically makes them more prone to errors that can result in car accidents. So, what can your young driver do to combat this age-related issue?
Drive Safe
That’s right! To begin establishing a track record for safe driving that coincidentally saves money on insurance rates, your teenage driver needs to drive with the utmost care. This means obeying traffic laws, avoiding distractions such as mobile phones, avoiding episodes of road rage, and being alert at all times. It’s as simple as that!
Let’s Find the Right Policy
As you can imagine, your young driver should undoubtedly have car insurance when they hits the road. But maybe you’re not happy with the rates you’ve seen. Or perhaps you’re looking for options that best fit your needs? Whatever the case, Pronto Insurance can lend a helping hand. Our insurance agents are ready to evaluate your situation and give you various options. Contact us today to learn more.

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