How Long Does a Car Accident Stay On Your Record in Texas?


Driving records are an important component of personal safety when operating a vehicle. In Texas, a car accident can remain on your driving record for years and reflect on driver’s license points.

State laws dictate how long certain incidents remain viewable, so drivers can know these details before applying for auto insurance or undergoing any other type of license checkup/background check.

This blog will explore how long an accident stays on record, the consequences, and what you should do be done to remove it and maintain an impeccable record.

Do All Car Accidents Show Up on Your Driving Record?

Yes, all accidents will appear on your driving record if reported by law enforcement or another driver. The only way your accident will not appear is if it was never reported or if you live in a state that does not report them.

In Texas, all accidents must be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for review and consideration.

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How Long Does a Car Accident Stay On Your Record?

In most states, like Texas, accidents stay on your record for up to three years from the date of the incident. Any time you apply for auto insurance or have a license check done after this period has expired, it won’t appear as part of your history.

However, some insurers may use their databases to include information about an accident beyond the three years outlined by state law.

Do Accidents Affect Auto Insurance Rates?

Unfortunately, they do. An accident can cause your insurance premiums to increase significantly depending upon factors such as who was at fault and whether anyone was injured or property damaged in the crash.

It’s wise to shop around for auto insurance quotes before deciding, as rates can vary greatly from one insurer to the next based on how each one views past accidents.

Remember that just because one company charges more does not mean that all companies will charge more due to an accident on your record; many companies out there may offer better rates than others despite an accident in your history.

3 Steps to Remove an Accident From Your Texas Driving Record

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  1. Share the Necessary Information with the DMV

You must first contact the DMV and provide proof that the accident has been cleared up and paid off (if necessary).

  1. Submit a Request Form for Accident Removal

Then you’ll need to submit a request form with documentation verifying that all costs related to the incident have been satisfied and requesting the removal of the entry from your record.

  1. Confirm the Process Is Officially Approved

Lastly, you should follow up with the DMV once again after submitting this form so they can confirm receipt and begin processing it as soon as possible.

Get the Best Assessment of Your Texas Driving Record

A registered accident in your driving record does not mean you can’t access auto insurance options. At Pronto Insurance, we make it easy for drivers in Texas by providing alternatives adapted to their unique situations.

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