5 Questions to Ask Your Home Insurance Agent


5 Questions to Ask Your Home Insurance Agent

If you don’t know everything there is to know about Texas homeowners insurance, that is okay! You’re not an industry expert and no one expects you to know absolutely everything. That is why there are men and women who specialize in this and can help you find the perfect policy for your home. Before you can know for sure you’ve gotten the right policy, you’ll want to ask them a few important questions. These include:

#1 What is covered and what type of insurance policy do I have on my home?

There are eight different categories of homeowner’s insurance in the United States, each scaled differently to cover certain aspects of your home, natural disasters, and contents. If you own a condo or mobile home, your policy will take a different form as well. “Named perils” coverage will list only what is covered, such as fire, smoke, lightning, and theft. If a peril isn’t listed, then it’s more than likely not covered. Most standard insurance policies don’t cover earthquakes, unless added as an additional rider for an additional premium. Flood insurance must also be purchased and added on separately too.

#2 I’m remodeling or adding on to my home. Does this affect my insurance needs?

It’s very possible that it does. In most cases, remodeling projects can increase your home’s value. If they do, you’ll want to adjust your insurance coverage so your home’s reconstruction cost is fully protected if it is destroyed.

#3 I work from home. Does this matter?

From inventory to libel issues to customers visiting your home, home-based businesses definitely need extra insurance coverage. Depending on the nature of your home-based business, you may need a simple endorsement to your homeowners insurance policy or a new policy all together. Either way, this is certainly something you’ll want to bring up.

#4 How can I save money on homeowners insurance?

Most companies give discounts to those who bundler their home and auto policies. You can also enjoy additional discounts for safety features, like an alarm system and smart smoke detectors. Be sure to keep your credit high!

#5 Does homeowners insurance cover what is inside my home?

Yes and no. A typical homeowners policy covers personal belongings and furnishings, but only up to certain policy limits. Most often this is around $1,000 or maybe even $1,500. For higher-valued items, such as a diamond ring, a rare piece of memorabilia, or expensive electronic equipment, you will want to find out about expanding your protection with higher policy limits and extra coverage.

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