Saving Your Energy by Making Your Home as Efficient as Possible – Part 2


In a previous blog, we shared some valuable information about the way your home spends its energy and the steps you can take to keep your monthly costs low. Our goal is to help you minimize your energy bill and start saving some cash!

Now, we’re ready to offer some more important information that will hopefully keep the savings coming your way.

Put Nature to Work

Want to save money on your energy bill while beautifying your home and being environmentally friendly? Some strategically-placed trees could be exactly what you need.

Planting trees around your home will provide you with the shade you need to keep your house cool during the hot summer months. Once those trees lose their leaves in the winter, they will allow sunlight into your home to help keep it warm and cozy. It really is a win-win!

Unplug Away

Chances are that you leave a few things plugged in throughout the day in your home, right? We’re willing to bet your computer monitor stays plugged in along with some televisions, a few chargers, your gaming consoles, and some kitchen appliances like a toaster or blender.
It may not make an immediate noticeable difference, but unplugging all of these when they’re not in use can potentially save you money in the long run.

Seal it Up

The seal around your doors and windows can become dry and damaged with time. This, in turn, can lead to cool or warm air escaping and energy being wasted as your AC tries to keep up with keeping your home comfortable. We recommend resealing your windows and doors to keep all of that valuable warm or cool air inside. It’s affordable and easy to do as well!

Get Your Energy Audited

That’s right! Energy auditors are a real thing! These certified and trained professionals help evaluate the inefficiencies around your home and provide you with even more saving opportunities. Contact your energy company for additional information about energy auditors near you.

Start Saving! It’s simple.


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