Storing Your Car Away? Follow These Tips to Keep it in Top Shape


If you’ve ever seen a vehicle parked outside a home for a long time, how bad did it look? Were the tires flat? Was the body rusted with dust everywhere? You’d hate for that to happen to your vehicle, and if you plan on storing it away for a few months, then the worry of its condition dropping is probably weighing heavily on your mind. Here are a few tips to ensure that it remains in good condition!

Use a Cover

If you’re unable to leave your car in a garage or storage unit, then we highly recommend using a cover. It’ll help keep it clean while minimizing the risk of damage from Mother’s Nature’s elements. Keep in mind that covers vary in size and material, so be sure to do some research when searching for one.

Fill the Tank

Rust forming inside of a gas tank is one of the most common issues with cars that’ve been stored away for long periods of time. You can avoid this by filling yours up.

Change Your Oil and Filters

Your vehicle’s oil is full of impurities like moisture, metal filings, and sludge that can potentially corrode important components. We recommend changing it and the filters before a lengthy stationary period. However, make sure to drive it a few miles before storage to ensure that the oil circulates through the engine.

Tire Care

Another big concern when storing a vehicle is tire damage. In many cases, tires will crack and develop flat spots after just a few months. You can avoid this by keeping your tires properly inflated. If you’re looking at a few months of storage, however, we recommend jacking up the car so it doesn’t rest on its tires.

Give it a Thorough Cleaning

The last thing you’ll want is to return to your car after a few months and find old, stale, and disgusting trash hidden away on the floor, seats, and trunk. Avoid this is by giving your vehicle a thorough cleaning before it’s stored.

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