4 Tips for Proper Road Safety on Hot Days!


Many families are still going out for road trips and drives. But should you hit the road without making sure your car is working at its best? The last thing you’ll want is for something to go wrong with your car in 100-degree weather! So, if you don’t know what to look out for, Pronto Insurance has some information you may find helpful.

Prioritize Emergency Kits

Before your trip or drive, make sure to have an emergency kit ready in your car at all times. It should be stored somewhere safe and include:
• Jumper cables
• Flashlight
• Water
• Nonperishable foods
• First-aid supplies
• Safety cones

Make Sure Your Car’s Fluid Levels Are Good

Check your car’s fluids! Your coolant is especially important during the summer months, so make sure it’s at a good level. We also suggest checking your engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and even your power-steering fluid levels. If you don’t know how to, a visit to a mechanic will do.

Take Care of Your Tires

Tire blowouts are a staple of the hot months. The combination of under inflation and the hot weather are perfect for any tire to go boom! With that said, you can avoid this issue altogether by making sure your tires are properly inflated before a trip or errand.

Make Sure Your AC is Working

Nobody likes climbing into a vehicle that feels like a pre-heated oven. Make sure your AC is running properly and check your air filter. Bonus points if you remember to place your vehicle’s sun shades on before leaving it in a piping hot parking lot.

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