Summer Hazards to Look Out for on Texas Roads


Summer in the Lone Star State means hot weather, delicious BBQs, and great times. While we know how to have a good summer in Texas, this time of year also means seasonal hazards on the road. At Pronto Insurance, we want you to stay up-to-speed when it comes to safety. Keep a lookout for the following.

Summer Rains

Rainfall and summer in Texas often go hand-in-hand, especially in the middle of hurricane season. Even if a hurricane isn’t heading toward us, we can still deal with hazardous situations on the road from heavy rains. We’re talking about decreased visibility, slick roads, and the very real dangers of hydroplaning. Do yourself a favor and make sure to drive as safely as possible when it rains. Also, be sure to have your tires inspected often.

Engine Overheating

The Texas heat is no joke during the summer, especially when it comes to your car’s engine. When temperatures hit the upper nineties and lower hundreds, it’s easy for your temperature gauge to start flirting with the red line. Be proactive by checking your coolant levels regularly, getting frequent oil changes, and pack some essentials in your vehicle in case you get stranded like water, flashlights, safety cones, and a phone charger.

New Drivers

Parents tend to let their young drivers out on the road more often during the summer months, either to prepare them for driving tests or to simply give them a few moments behind the wheel. Whatever the case, it’s important to remember that these drivers don’t have as much experience as you do. Have them use caution at all times and obey road rules. And if they lack a license, don’t allow them behind the wheel unless you’re with them.


Heat and heavy rain really put Texas roads to the test. This means that streets can be riddled with potholes. Apart from being annoying, they could potentially result in costly repairs to your vehicle, minor accidents, or worse. Stay alert and do your best to safely avoid potholes.

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