Can I Get Car Insurance Without a License in Texas?


Texas Driver: Can I Get Car Insurance Without a License?

It’s illegal to drive without a license, even if the vehicle is insured, yet there are a variety of reasons where someone without a valid driver’s license is the legal owner of the car. Just because you own a vehicle doesn’t mean you’re the one driving the car. How can you stay within the law if you buy a car but don’t have a license? Can you get car insurance coverage without a license?

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Why Someone Would Own a Car Without a License

Buy a Car for Someone Else to Drive

Any time a vehicle is being driven on the road, it’s necessary to have auto insurance in order to stay on the right side of the law. That doesn’t mean the person buying the car and the person driving the car are one in the same. There are quite a few occasions when someone would buy or be gifted a car without a valid license number.

The car owner and car driver can be two different people. A few examples of this include:

#1 Your status as an unlicensed driver isn’t permanent

#2 It is a classic parked car that won’t be driven

#3 You have a family member or other caretaker driving you 

#4 Your child drives and they’re under 18

#5 You buy a car for someone else to drive, like a spouse or teenager

#6 Your driving history is poor and as a high risk driver you’re not allowed to drive

If #1 applies to you and your license is only suspended, you can get SR-22 insurance instead. When looking at car insurance quotes, we encourage you to look into that option.

Some companies let the person buying the insurance policy designate someone other than themselves as the primary driver. That means the company won’t cover any claims that occur if the excluded driver decides to drive and an accident occurs, even if this person is the actual owner of the motor vehicle.

Can You Get Car Insurance Without a License? What’s the Process?

It’s not always as easy as simply signing up for a new car insurance policy. Some auto insurance companies are wary of insuring customers without a license. The fear is that this may be happening so an unlicensed driver can be on the road, perhaps after their license was suspended or revoked due to their past driving record. That’s not a situation that a car insurance company wants to be a part of and cover financially.

Don’t be discouraged! As you shop around, you will be able to find a company that offers auto insurance for unlicensed drivers. Contact Pronto Insurance for an insurance quote. We’ll find the perfect policy for you, meaning a deductible you can afford and the coverage you need.

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