Can You Get Car Insurance Without a Car in Texas?


Can You Get Car Insurance Without a Car?

For a variety of reasons, a person may have a valid driver’s license but no vehicle. Can you get car insurance without a car? Yes! Let’s dig a little deeper into non-owner auto insurance. It will provide the Texas state minimum automobile insurance coverage as long as you have a valid driver’s license, do not have a vehicle registered in your name, and do not have access to a household vehicle.

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Why Someone Would Get Car Insurance Without a Car

A person with a driver’s license doesn’t necessarily need to own a vehicle in a lot of big cities. Trying to find parking and sitting in traffic is such a hassle, plus cars are expensive. Even if you don’t drive in everyday life you may occasionally need to rent or borrow a vehicle.

If you rent a vehicle, the rental company will offer protection for the vehicle but you’d still be stuck paying for your medical payments out of pocket in the event of an accident. The cost of a non-owner automobile insurance policy is much less than putting hospital bills on your credit card if you’re at fault for an accident!

Maybe you have a friend or family member you don’t live with who allows you to borrow an automobile when you need it. Their insurance policy may allow them to list other drivers for permissive use, which would cover accidents that occur while you’re borrowing their vehicle, but any damages or medical bills that exceed the limits of their owner liability policy would be your responsibility to pay. You’ll need to get your friend’s vehicle fixed if they don’t have full collision coverage.

All insurance policies have liability limits. Non-owner automobile insurance provides you with additional protection in such cases. Borrowing and renting vehicles, or being in a car sharing service, are all good examples of when this insurance is needed.

What Is Needed to Buy a Non-owner Automobile Insurance Policy

Buy a Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy

Non-owner automobile insurance is liability-only coverage. In order to get it, you must meet three criteria:

#1 Have a valid driver’s license

#2 Do not own a vehicle in your name

#3 No one in your household owns a vehicle that you might have access to

Non-owner Car Insurance Policy Through Pronto

We offer non-owner car insurance that is less costly than automobile insurance coverage for a vehicle you own. This meets the requirements for a SR-22 or FR-44 form. Your age, driving history, where you live, and how often you drive all factor into the rates you will be offered. Reach out to Pronto Insurance today to learn more!

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