Can You Insure a Car That’s Not in Your Name in California?


Can You Insure a Car That’s Not in Your Name?

The owner of the car and the person who has the car insurance policy are not always one in the same. There are quite a few reasons why someone may need auto insurance coverage for a vehicle that isn’t legally theirs. Is this possible to do in the state of California? What rules and regulations are there? Let’s answer all of these questions right now!

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Can You Insure a Car That’s Not in Your Name?

Non-Owner Car Insurance in California

The owner of the car is who is on the car registration. The vehicle registration may not list you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever drive it. Borrowing and renting cars, or being in a car sharing service, are all good examples of when car insurance is needed on a vehicle you don’t actually own. In a case like this, you would need non-owner car insurance.

Let’s say you have a friend or family member you don’t live with who allows you to drive a car when you need it. The owner’s insurance may allow them to list other drivers for permissive use, which would cover accidents that occur while you’re borrowing their car, but any damages that exceed the limits of their owner liability policy would be your responsibility to pay. You’ll need to pay for damages out of pocket if they don’t have full collision coverage and you don’t have your own policy.

Insurable Interest

To have an “insurable interest” in a car means you will suffer financial loss if the vehicle is damaged or totaled. You must prove you have a financial stake in the vehicle. If you can’t prove why you have interest in the vehicle in which you are not on the car title, an auto insurance company will be hesitant to insure you. This is due to the risk of fraud and the questionable legality of approving filed claims.

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Full coverage is the only way to have peace of mind when driving. If any of the situations mentioned above apply to you, it’s time you reach out to a Pronto insurance agent to learn more about non-owner car insurance. As a car insurance company, we’ll be able to answer any additional questions you may have in regards to liability coverage, SR-22, the coverage you need, and more. Get a free quote today!

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