Homeowners put a lot of time, energy, and money into their houses. You want your house protected! From wildfires to break-ins to a neighbor’s tree, there is a lot you want to protect your house from.
Get California RV Insurance Before Leaving for Your Road Trip We’ve been waiting a long time, but it’s here- sports are back! From NBA to NFL to college football, sporting events are finally back on.
If you watch a lot of tv, it seems like everyone wants to cover your car insurance. Have you noticed a lot of television commercials from a particular insurance carrier? Those ads cost money to produce and air.
If you’ve lived in Los Angeles for long, you know there’s one type of footwear you’ll see pretty often around town: flip flops!
It’s clear to see that no one has ever experienced anything quite like this Coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak is totally different than anything we’ve ever had to deal with.
You know you need car insurance in California. If that is all you know, you certainly are not alone. Many drivers don’t know any more than that, like how their rate is determined, how insurance really works……..
You don’t want to drive around a beat-up car. We have car insurance in order for this coverage to give us money after any type of accident or loss.
You’re running late to work. You’re rushing. In order to get there on time, you need to go just a little bit faster than you’re supposed to. Then, it happens- you get a speeding ticket!
Car insurance can feel complicated sometimes, even from a great company like Pronto Insurance. What do you want your insurance to cover? What do you want to pay each month?

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