Does my Texas Homeowners Insurance Cover me if I'm Working from Home?


Does my Texas Homeowners Insurance Cover me if I’m Working from Home?

A lot has changed within the past year and a half thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic. These societal changes extend well beyond wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer more frequently. For many people, the commute to the office turned into grabbing a cup of coffee from the kitchen and walking to the den with a laptop. Does this describe your new work situation? If so, you probably have a lot of questions regarding how this affects your insurance coverage. Simply by asking about this, you’re already on the right track!

The last thing you want is a surprise when you go to make a claim. You see, many people mistakenly believe that their Texas homeowners insurance policies will cover them if there is a loss. The truth is that many insurance policies have limits on the types of losses that would affect a remote worker or home-based small business. If you’re not aware of these limits, you may not have the coverage you assume you do.

Situation #1: Remote Workers

If you work from home as a full-time remote employee for a company, you are most likely covered by their insurance for work-related issues. This is particularly true if you’re using their equipment, like a company-issued laptop. If their laptop overheats and burns your back room down, they have to cover it.

Situation #2 Clients Visit Your Home

Let’s say you’re an interior designer and have a client come to look at swatch samples in your home office. They trip and fall on a crack on your driveway on the way out. If someone is visiting you at your home for a work-related matter and were injured, your homeowners liability insurance might not cover it. You would need a business policy to cover this situation. This brings us to situation number three…

Situation #3 You Run a Business From Your Home

This situation is quite a bit different from the first, at least in the eyes of your homeowners insurance. For example, if your love for baking cakes turns into operating a business out of your kitchen and your oven is damaged in a fire, is it a business equipment loss or a homeowners policy issue? This is an example of a situation that may leave you devastated and financially ruined if not figured out beforehand. You should consider the need for a business policy before you establish your business and begin accepting customers.

Some types of business-related claims might simply not be covered, while other policies actually list operating a home-based business as a violation of terms. The first step for you is to understand exactly what your current policy does and does not cover. Once you learn this information, you will be able to take the necessary steps to determine the additional coverage you may need. Don’t worry about it any longer! Pronto Insurance is here to provide you with the Texas homeowners insurance you want and need.

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