Can I get Homeowners Insurance in TX During Hurricane Season?


Summer is coming to an end. If you’ve lived in Texas for long, you know that August and September mean one thing- the height of hurricane season! It seems like every year, our state is hit by more frequent storms and more powerful storms. This makes Texas homeowners insurance incredibly important. Without adequate coverage, your dreams could be smashed and washed away. Yet, you may have been told you can’t get new or better homeowners insurance with a storm on the way. Is this true? Is it too late to get the coverage you need? Let’s look at the answer to this question and break it down into details.

Can you get a policy during hurricane season? Yes! Can you get a policy if a storm is heading your way? Maybe, but maybe not. It depends on how far away the storm is. Chances are good that you won’t be able to get a brand-new policy at the last minute. If you already have home insurance, you may be able to make changes to your policy. Insurers usually stop selling additional coverage once there’s a Hurricane Watch in effect. This describes the time period of 48 hours before the expected onset of tropical storm force winds, according to the National Hurricane Center. If a storm is way out in the ocean, yes- go ahead and get insurance right away. If the storm has moved close enough to where your city is already in the projected path, it’s too late. This is why you can’t wait any longer if you suspect you don’t have the coverage you need. If you wait, you may lose a lot.

Insurance for hurricane damage can involve more than one insurance policy. It’s important to keep in mind the hurricanes often cause flooding. Home insurance doesn’t cover flooding. You’ll need to buy a separate flood insurance policy, which takes 30 days to take effect. If a hurricane strikes within that 30-day window, your policy won’t pay for flood damage to your home or belongings. This is why time is of the essence!

If a named storm is approaching and you don’t have adequate homeowners insurance, you could lose everything. That isn’t meant to be scary; that is simply the reality of living in an area that is hit by hurricanes. When considering how quick and easy it is to get a homeowners insurance quote through Pronto Insurance, it is a risk you don’t need to take.

Make today the day you do something about your fears. Pronto Insurance is here to help you! You don’t need to spend a lot to get the coverage for your home and your possessions that you need during hurricane season. Simply reach out online and request a free quote. It could not be any easier!

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