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We’ve been waiting a long time, but it’s here- sports are back! From NBA to NFL to college football, sporting events are finally back on. Because you’re so excited, you probably want to go to them in person. While it is true that many games have limited fans, that doesn’t limit your love for the game and your desire to celebrate. Will you be driving to the Rose Bowl this year? Or maybe you are headed out to Vegas to watch the Raiders play. Now is the time to plan your trip!

The solution to enjoy the game the way it was meant to be enjoyed is tailgating. You don’t need a ticket or to be allowed in the stadium to have a fantastic time watching a live event. Of course, driving a car for tailgating isn’t very fun. What you need is an RV!

If you’ve been considering buying an RV for road trips, the return of sports is the perfect excuse to finally do so. However, before you get out on the road you should know that you’ll need to protect your new ride with California RV insurance. Like car insurance, RV insurance is required in every state. All states require a minimum amount of liability insurance. In addition to this, some require uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage. Collision and comprehensive insurance limits are determined by you. A RV isn’t cheap so you probably want to add on the extra coverage in order to protect your investment. Consider that if you purchase a brand new RV costing anywhere from $30,000 to over $200,000 and haven’t purchased full replacement cost coverage, you can be saddled with significant costs if it is totaled in an accident. That would be a nightmare! And taking into account how easy and affordable it is to cover your RV through Pronto Insurance, you’d be taking a foolish risk not to do so. 

RV insurance is an important coverage because of your large investment, but that’s not all. It is also important because these are large vehicles that can cause major injuries and significant damage to other vehicles and property in an accident. It’s like driving a small house down the highway! Be sure to consider how you will cover your costs if you are in an accident and do not have enough coverage.

When looking for RV insurance, head straight to the experts at Pronto Insurance. We offer cheap RV insurance for California drivers that doesn’t skimp out on all the protection you need. We make it easy to get a free, online quote. Simply tell us a few things about you and your RV, like your full name and the zipcode your ride will be parked at when you’re not on a trip. We’ll take it from there and get started calculating a great rate for you.

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