Car accidents happen when we least expect them, which means the element of surprise can sometimes lead to poor choices. While not every accident is deadly or serious, it can potentially come with a few headaches. Of course, these headaches can grow exponentially if we make the wrong decision. 

Don’t Leave

Whether your crash was serious or minor, you should always: 

  • Assess the damage 
  • Check all passengers (including the ones in the other vehicle) 
  • Contact law enforcement 
  • Contact your insurance company <br>

If you fail to remain at the scene of the crash, there’s a high chance that you’ll find yourself in trouble with the law.

Don’t Avoid the Law

You may be inclined to shake hands with the other party and forget anything ever happened if there is little to no damage to your cars. But can you imagine the repercussions if someone in the other car starts feeling post-accident symptoms hours later and needs to be hospitalized? Play it safe and call 911 once an accident happens. 

Don’t Lose Your Cool

It isn’t uncommon for accidents to cause tempers to flare. After all, no one wants to deal with all the frustration, costs, and potential injuries that sometimes result from a car accident. But even if you feel your frustration starting to boil over, it’s important that you keep your cool. The last thing you’ll want is an assault charge with your name on it. 

Don’t Leave Without Documenting it All

Your chances of overcoming an accident in a good state increases when you provide your insurance company with plenty of evidence. One of your priorities should be to take pictures of all vehicles, damages, and the location of the accident. Collect contact and insurance information from the other driver, get the police report from an officer, and get any contact information belonging to any witnesses in the area.

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