How to Safely and Effectively Drive Around Larger Vehicles


With the current restrictions on businesses due to COVID-19, many are turning to online shopping for their goods. This means that large delivery trucks and 18-wheelers are much more active and in demand for deliveries. If you plan to be on the road, take every precaution to ensure your safety. After all, an accident with one of these large vehicles can lead to devastating injuries. Follow our guide for safe and effective driving around large vehicles and get that peace of mind you need.

Keep Your Distance
Never closely tail vehicles. This is especially true when it comes to 18-wheelers and other large trucks. The last thing you’ll want is to rear-end it. Stay at least four car lengths away to leave you with enough space and reaction time if the truck suddenly brakes.

Make Yourself Noticed
Large vehicles have larger blind spots, so it’s important to avoid them. Remember to

  • About one lane on the truck’s driver’s side and back about 20 feet
  • About two lanes on the truck’s passenger’s side and back past the entire vehicle
  • About 20 feet in front of the vehicle
  • About 30 feet behind the vehicle

Practice Safe Passing
If you’re going to pass the truck, make sure to do so on the driver’s side where you’ll be easier to see. Make the pass with steady speed and avoid merging back into the truck’s lane until you’re sure the driver can see you.

Be Mindful of Wide Turns
Due to their size, large trucks tend to make wider turns that can take up to two or three lanes of space! If the truck has its turn signal on, make sure to slow down and keep your distance. If you’re coming to a traffic stop, make sure to stop behind the line to leave enough space for a truck to turn.

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