What is a Car Insurance Quote?

If you watch a lot of tv, it seems like everyone wants to cover your car insurance. Have you noticed a lot of television commercials from a particular insurance carrier? Those ads cost money to produce and air. This money that comes from insurance premiums being paid by drivers like you. For this reason, it shouldn’t be shocking to find that a much less expensive policy is often available from a carrier that is not as well known. This is why it is so important to go online and get several quotes from California car insurance carriers before you agree to pay them money every month.

A car insurance quote is a price estimate for a policy based on information you’ve provided about yourself, your car, and a few other pieces of information. The more information you provide to the company the closer your insurance quote will be to the final price of a policy. Don’t think of this like buying a gallon of milk where everyone pays the same amount. The exact same amount of car insurance coverage could be less expensive for your mom and more expensive for your best friend.

Shopping onlines makes it easy to compare quotes. Years ago, comparing quotes would mean either driving all over town or spending the entire afternoon on the phone, but you can now get quotes from several different insurance carriers with a couple clicks and navigating to a few different websites. As stated above, the cost of the same policy can vary widely between companies based on factors like how much the company spends on advertising. As well, some companies pay commissions to the agents and others do not. There are many factors at play that go on behind the scenes. Do you want to pay more every month so your car insurance company can produce a new television ad every quarter? Probably not.

Now that you’re more knowledgeable, it’s time to find a policy that you feel good about. You can get free California car insurance quotes, and then compare them to choose the right fit for you. Before you get started, you will want to gather all the information you will need for your online quote to be as accurate as possible. Basic personal information like your name, address, and birthdate are all needed. A few other common examples of information they’ll need to formulate a quote include your car’s make, model, year, and vehicle identification number (VIN). You’ll also need to tell them the zip code of where you park the car at night and any safety or anti-theft features installed on the car. Annual mileage and usage of the car, such as for pleasure or driving to work, and the current mileage on the odometer factor in as well. There are many other things that affect how much you pay for car insurance, even whether you own or rent your home.

The quote will also inquire about your driving history for the past few years. This includes any tickets or accidents. Be honest! If you aren’t up front with the details, your insurance quote won’t be accurate. Eventually the insurer will find out the truth and then the price you pay each month won’t match the great quote you got.

If you’re ready to get started with a California car insurance quote, Pronto Insurance is the best place to start. Once you get a quote through us, you can compare it to others. You’ll see that coverage through us is often less expensive for the coverage you need to feel safe and protected.