Become Familiar with Five Facts About Car Insurance!


Five Facts About Car Insurance

If you or a family member has recently purchased a vehicle, chances are you’re shopping around for an insurance policy that best fits your needs. You’re probably looking at the type of coverage you’ll get. There are a few things you may not have considered regarding your new car policy.

If You Modify Your Vehicle, It Could Affect Your Insurance

Plenty of drivers like to add a personal touch to their vehicles, but there are certain modifications that could potentially affect how much your insurance costs. Some modifications may impact your vehicle’s emissions and/or make it illegal for the car to be driven. This may affect the way you’re insured.

Your Belongings May Not be Covered

When searching for insurance, you may be looking into whether or not companies will cover medical expenses or repair costs. Chances are they will, but will they cover the cost of valuables in your vehicle? While you may not be worried about this factor, it’s important to understand every variable as you decide.

It May be Cheaper to Pay a Lump Sum

If you’re looking at insurance rates, it may appear as if a monthly payment is the way to go in terms of savings. However, there’s a chance an insurance policy you’re looking at is cheaper if you pay for six or 12 months up front! Discuss this option with your insurance agent if you’re unsure about which option is best for you.

Luxury is Expensive

While this statement seems obvious, it’s especially true for luxury vehicle owners. In general, people who drive luxury cars tend to pay more for insurance than regular car owners. This is because it’s way more expensive to repair high-end vehicles.

The Meaning of “No-Fault” Insurance

When you think of no-fault insurance, you’ll likely assume it means that, if an accident happens and you were at fault, you’re protected from being held accountable. Yet this is far from the case! No-fault insurance simply means that, if you are not at fault in an accident, your insurer will handle the case so that you don’t have to personally go after your own compensation.

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